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Many businesses have reorganised their delivery models to embrace the Agile methodology as we become more digitally competent. This approach to product innovation, project delivery and software development allows teams to continuously deliver change using incremental, iterative work sequences and a cross functional, collaborative team approach. In a world where the speed of technological change continues to gather pace, using Agile enables teams to pivot quickly, adapting to changes in priorities and market conditions.

Agile Coaches

The Agile Coach is responsible for creating and improving agile processes within a team or a company. They train internal teams, leaders and stakeholders in the agile methodology and oversee ongoing development of delivery teams to ensure proliferation of best practices and consistent delivery. They work to overcome resistance from senior managers and measure results of transitioning to agile.

Scrum Masters

A Scrum Master is the main facilitator for agile product delivery teams This is known as a servant leader role, establishing an environment for the team to be successful. They run planning sessions, organise sprints and retrospectives and work to improve team productivity. This role works closely with the Product Owner to understand priorities and protects the team from external interruptions and disruptions.

Product Managers

The Product Manager is responsible for both product planning and product marketing. This includes managing the product throughout the product lifecycle, gathering and prioritising product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering to deliver winning products.

Product Owners

Product Owners take the lead in many areas of product development, working alongside delivery teams to translate user stories. They articulate the product vision, talk through specifications, manage backlogs and ultimately maximise product value. They answer questions from developers, clarify requirements, prioritise needs and oversee development.

UI/UX Designers

UX Design is primarily concerned with how a product feels whilst UI Design is more concerned with how a product is laid out. UX/UI Designers gather user research, evaluate requirements and explore different approaches for solving usability issues. They are responsible for illustrating design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps. Additionally, they design graphic user interface elements, such as menus, tabs and widgets. Tools include Sketch, InVision & Adobe products.

CX Designers

A CX Designer is responsible for creating rich and compelling experiences for users of a product, with a focus on reshaping the customer experience to maximise sales, conversions and engagement. They have an expert understanding of all relevant touch points across the entire customer journey and aim to solve problems. Design outputs include wire frames, road maps, workflows, personas and scenarios. Tools used include Adobe Creative Suite and UxPin.

Chapter Leaders & Tribe Leaders

Chapter Leaders act as the line manager for all people who do similar work (e.g. testing, developers). They develop people, set salaries and solve challenges. A tribe is a collection of squads in a particular business area and Tribe Leaders are servant leaders who focus on creating a good environment for all squads, with accountability for delivery.  Squads are mini start-ups, similar to a scrum team, doing end-to-end product development led by Product Owners.

Release Train & Value Stream Leader

The Value Stream Leader holds full authority and accountability over revenues, costs, and profits of their product families. They must retain close relationships with customers, the operations that create customer value, and suppliers. Overall they must maintain a strong understanding and control over the entire flow of creation. A Release Train Leader is a servant leader and coach for the Agile Release Train under the scaled agile framework, facilitating events and processes to help teams deliver value.

Delivery Lead

Delivery Leads are responsible for keeping multiple projects on track for a business and ensuring they are completed on time, on budget and to specifications in agile environments. They collaborate with delivery teams and stakeholders to determine the scope, goals and timeline of projects. Once agreed, they facilitate discussions and drive delivery activities forward on a daily basis, moving towards achieving desired outcomes. A Delivery Lead is slightly different from a Project Manager who typically focus on one program at a time, while Delivery Leads work on multiple projects at the same time.

Delivery Manager

A Delivery Manager is a servant leader who enables a skilled, multidisciplinary product team to deliver value. They create the right environment for the team to succeed, helping the team self-organise and foster a culture of support. They lead the use and adoption of Agile and Lean practices in their teams and use a variety of tools to keep development teams focused on delivering to strategy and vision. They protect their team from distractions and deal with other tasks such as financial tracking, resource management, stakeholder relationships, reporting, managing dependencies and removing business obstacles.

Agile Consultants

You can expect an Agile Consultant to provide your business with answers or solutions to a specific set of problems that relate to the implementation or adoption of agile in the organisation. This role is normally short term and needs an external person to investigate and design a solution & action plan to resolve the issue that has occurred.

Digital Strategists

Also known as Digital Marketing Strategists, these people work on integrating digital assets, raising brand awareness, collaborating on marketing campaigns, leading digital activation projects, and measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of digital channels. They typically have good skills in traditional and digital marketing, analytics and relevant technology platforms.

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