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Top 5 questions to ask in an interview

Want to ace your next job interview?Here are the top 5 questions you should definitely ask to stand out from the crowd!

If you’re heading to an interview, it’s essential to be well-prepared. During an interview you will usually get a chance to ask your own questions, and asking the right questions can significantly impact your chances of landing your dream job.

You should think about questions in five different categories – ask questions about:

  • the job itself,
  • the team you’ll be working with,
  • your potential manager/person you’ll be reporting to,
  • the company,
  • the culture.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top five questions that you should consider asking during an interview.

The job “What would success look like in this role?”

When you’re interviewing for a role, it’s crucial to understand what the other person considers important and what’s expected of you in this position. This question will give you insight into their priorities and preferences and allows you to showcase how it aligns with your skills and experience. This not only helps in building rapport but also increases the chances of reaching a mutually beneficial outcome.

It’s important to have a clear picture of exactly what the day-to-day responsibilities of the job will be (over the short and the long term) to make an informed decision when an offer comes around.

The team “Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with and how they work?”

Team dynamics can be super important and plays an important role in fostering collaboration and innovation within an organization.

A cohesive team with open communication channels can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Consider how teams operate within the company – do they encourage collaboration? Is there diversity in skills and perspectives? Understanding these dynamics will give you an idea of how well you might fit into these existing teams.

Your potential manager “What’s your favourite part of working here”

When you ask this question you get more of a sense of your future manager’s core values and you also get to know them a little better. It can also give you more insights into the benefits of your potential new employer that you may have overlooked.

Asking questions like this shows that you’re interested in your interviewer as a person—and that’s a great way to build rapport with a future colleague or manager.

The culture “Can you tell me about the company culture?”

Finding the right fit for a role goes beyond just matching skills and qualifications with the job requirements. Understanding the values, work environment, and team dynamics of a company, and how it suits your personality style and aligns to your values, are crucial for your long-term success in the role and your job satisfaction.

Some things you might look out for include how people work together and communicate, how your potential boss is involved in that culture, and how people get along both inside and outside the office.

The company “How do you support professional growth and development?”

Good employers value individuals who actively seek to enhance their skills and knowledge, as it demonstrates a commitment to self-improvement and a desire to excel in their careers.

This question is especially important if you’re in an technical IT field that has constant changes and where you will need to invest into continuous learning, such as software development or cyber security.

It is important to ensure that there are growth opportunities within the organization itself to enhance your skills, knowledge and expertise. This will help you stay competitive and adapt in the ever-changing tech industry and ultimately, achieve your career goals.

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